Overview Research Interests

Our main current research interest is on the tuning of selectivity of (bio)chemical sensors and membranes.

Sensors: Design of Platforms & Chemical Modification

Within this theme we work on nanowire(NW)-based sensors and capacitive sensors that are coated with nm-scale organic monolayers and polymer coatings (nm to µm-scale). The NW-based sensors (silicon or diamond) are made by top-down processes, while the capacitive sensors are based on micro-structured interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) from gold. The surfaces can be chemically modified with a variety of chemical compounds, including tailor-made polymers and (bio)receptors for a variety of analytes.

Porous Materials & Membranes

We work on the design and synthesis of polymers that are used to prepare nanocomposites and nanofoams and to chemically modify porous carbon electrodes and membranes for separation purposes.

Current projects:

  • Electrochemistry on Polyelectrolyte Multilayers - Dr Lukasz Poltorak
  • Sensor Platform for Monitoring Water Composition Through Polymer Absorption Layers and Dielectric Spectroscopy - Jorrit Hillebrand, MSc (in collaboration with Wetsus)
  • Phosphate Recovery - Laura Paltrinieri, MSc (collaboration with Wetsus)
  • Organic Solvent Nanofiltration - Mohammad Amirilargani, MSc (with University of Twente)
  • Ion-selective polymers - Nathalja Berghuis, MSc
  • Sodium-selective membranes - Zexin Qian, MSc
  • Ion-selective polymers - Sevil Sahin, MSc
  • Advanced electrode materials - Kaustub Singh, MSc(with Dr Biesheuvel en Porada, Wetsus)
  • Concluded Projects:

    Graduate Students

    Chemical Sensors based on Si Nanowires: surface modifications for the detection of ions, vapos and chemical vapors - Dr Anping Cao, PhD Defence on January 10, 2018.

    Metal Organic Frameworks for Gas-phase Capacitive Sensing - Dr Sumit Sachdeva (in collaboration with Prof Gascon from TU Delft), PhD Defence on March 27, 2017. [pdf]

    Optical and Electrical Biosensors: A Chemist’s View - Dr Daniela Ullien (in collaboration with Dr Jager from TU Delft), PhD Defence on November 9, 2015. [pdf]


    Polydimethylsiloxane-Coated Interdigitated Electrodes for Capacitive Detection of Organic Pollutants in Water - Dr Judith Staginus (in collaboration with Prof Meijer from TU Delft and Wetsus), PhD Defence on November 4, 2015. [pdf]


    Nanostructured Diamond Devices - Dr Venkatesh Seshan, (in collaboration with Prof Van der Zant and with Prof Nesladek and Prof Haenen from Hasselt University, Belgium) PhD Defence on June 20, 2014. [pdf]


    Nanowire Field Effect Transitors: Sensing Simplicity? - Dr Marleen Mescher (in collaboration with Philips Research, Dr Klootwijk), PhD Defence on April 14, 2014. [pdf]


    IC Compatible Wafer Level Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transitors for Biosensing Applications - Dr Thomas Moh (in collaboration with Prof Sarro and Prof Van Rijn, Wageningen UR and Nanosens), PhD Defence on December 9, 2013. [pdf]


    Postdoctoral Research

  • Functionalized Polyelectrolytes with Phosphate Affinity - Dr Zheng Cao (Jan 2014 - Jan 2015)
  • Sensing of Charged (Bio)Molecules by Impedance Spectroscopy - Dr William Garyfallou (Sep 2009 - Mar 2012)
  • Polymeric Aerogels - Dr Stefan Kuiper (in collaboration with Feyecon, Jan - Dec 2011)
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Interaction with CD44 and Acidic Degradation in Solution - Dr Aernout Martens (in collaboration with Leiden University, Prof Spaink and Prof Oosterkamp, Oct 2008 - Sep 2011).

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